26 September 2012

wednesday (unpinned)

old navy sweater   ·   handmade (by me) skirt
dexter kylie wedges   ·   thrifted necklace
the colors in this outfit are ones i've had in mind to pair together ever since my friend whitney wore a great turquoise skirt and tan cardigan about a year ago.  this must have been before pinterest took off or i signed up for an account, otherwise i definitely would have pinned her outfit and that would have made it easier to link back to her original post.  unfortunately, all i had was a picture from her blog saved in a folder on my desktop!  i found her original post though by looking at the properties of the picture, which told me the date it was taken, and i found the post on her blog that way (wow, pinterest definitely would have made this easier!  whitney, please don't think i'm creepy--i just wanted to give you credit as my inspiration!).
i definitely have not jumped onto the pinterest bandwagon; my involvement and activity at this point is pretty limited although i do have a pinterest for my blog where i pin outfits of mine that i especially liked, outfits of others i like (duh), and outfits featuring items i also have in my closet for future inspiration.  no pressure to follow, seeing as how i don't pin much.  i've always been one of those people who doesn't latch onto fads or popular activities unless i felt involved or knowledgeable of it from the get-go because it seems too overwhelming to "figure it out" if i'm already well behind the curve.  so i tend to sit out of things for a while until i get to know it on my own time.  
pinterest & i are slowly becoming friends, but we've had some growing pains.  i've found that if i'm looking for something specific (ex: storage ideas for tall boots), all of the same pictures come up and i can never find any unique or interesting ideas.  it's a little overwhelming when so many people have pinned (repinned?) the same pin and that's all you see... i think it clogs the site and makes it more difficult to find any unique ideas/pictures/pins.  has anyone else noticed this?  i mean, there's got to be more than just the same 5 ideas on the interweb of how to store your boots!  maybe i need help learning how to better search for stuff?  or does anyone have any good ideas of how to store tall boots?  :)  thanks for visiting!

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