27 September 2012

thursday 9/27

old navy oxford shirt {on sale!}   ·   old navy blazer {thrifted}
calvin klein skirt {thrifted}   ·   dexter kylie wedges {other colors}
this may look like an outfit i've worn recently (navy skirt + khaki blazer) but i just couldn't help myself, i love these two items paired together.  i did bring in some new pieces i haven't worn before (blouse + necklace) to help it feel a little fresher.  i think it works - i love the jade green blouse and khaki blazer together and a fun chunky beaded necklace.  this button-down is really lightweight and has that worn-in feeling but is still professional; i think it will be great in the spring/summer but for now as we're transitioning into fall it can still have a place this season paired with some darker neutrals that counteract the pastely spring vibe. 
speaking of springy, i was stopped this morning in the bathroom by an employee in the building where i work who said that i always wear the "cutest outfits" and that she really liked the bright orange and floral skirt that i recently wore.  my hands were lathered up in soap as i was turned awkwardly away from the sink to take in her compliment and was racking my brain trying to think of what bright colorful skirt i'd worn recently until--duh--she was talking about the springy talbots painterly skirt i wore last week!  i have really only said "hello" to this person in passing so the fact that she remembered something i wore last week and pointed it out to me in passing today was definitely a sweet surprise.  it's amazing how little it takes to brighten someone's day and make them feel good - i'm going to try to remember that through tomorrow and pay it forward.  have a great day!

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