20 September 2012

thursday {painterly}

j crew sweater {thrifted}   ·   talbots painterly floral skirt
 thrifted belt   ·   dexter kylie wedges

it's kind of chilly outside but i'm determined to get at least one wear out of this lovely skirt before we're really feeling the fall--err--winter-like weather.  i love the great deals at the end of the season, but i don't know how i would feel about wearing this bright floral skirt in the dead of winter.  i might have to try it on with tights and a darker top to see how it looks.  but for now we're still on the cusp and if i can brave it out with bare legs i'm saying that bright florals are a-okay (the high today is expected to be in the mid 60s, so that's really not that bad)!

i picked up this skirt and two others during a spontaneous late-night online shopping venture last week after apples & pencil skirts posted a promo code that offered 25% off and free shipping (clearance pickings are slim, but the code only works for free shipping now for some reason - 029353545).  you know i love my free shipping, and when i saw the prices of some of the items in the clearance section i ran to grab my wallet!  i had never ordered from talbots before, but overall i'm really pleased with the quality, print, and most of all the price of this skirt!  speaking of my friend at apples & pencil skirts, she picked up the same skirt... see how she styled it today as well over at her blog!  we're in different time zones, so her post may not be up quite yet depending on when you're reading this, but i'm looking forward to seeing how she styled it as well!  thanks for visiting!

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  1. I love it!! Mine will be posted late this evening because I have a workshop in the afternoon, but I have a photo on instagram on my blog showing how I styled it. I would have chosen the same color top if I had one, but I went with a pink cardigan instead.