19 September 2012

wednesday (orangey)

loft floral skirt {ebay}   ·   merona essential cardigan {thrifted target stock}
predictions karmen pumps   ·   inpink necklace

orangey / the first time i wore this skirt i also paired it with an orangey cardigan, but i like the effect this time around much, much better.  it's amazing how different you look and feel when you make slight adjustments to an outfit.  last time, i didn't care for the 3/4 sleeves + tights combo or the untucked cardigan that just didn't seem to lay right.  i think that personally, on me, i prefer blouses/cardigans to be tucked in or to have some sort of belt to define my waist.  but i'd love any feedback on this... we get so used to looking at pictures of ourselves that i think we may become blind to what looks best on us!  i am not blind to the fact, however, that this skirt is a little tight on me and an inch too short for my liking... i felt really uncomfortable and actually wore my coat all day just for extra coverage.  i hate admitting that about clothes that i love, but i'm glad that i at least recognize it.  is there anything you're hanging on to that just doesn't fit you very well?  hopefully i'll feel more comfortable wearing this skirt in the future but just not right now!

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