25 September 2012

tuesday (struggle)

eddie bauer button-down {thrifted}   ·   gap cardigan {thrifted}
merona doubleweave skirt & missoni heels {both thrifted target stock}

struggle / i've felt a little "blah" this week about getting dressed, stemming from pulling on an outfit yesterday that just didn't fit. i wanted to wear one of my new merona skirts that i ordered from target.com recently but i think i shrunk it in the dryer and it was too tight.  it was not a great way to start the day and it didn't leave me that excited about finding something to wear today either, especially since i'll be working most of the day from home.  i'm mad that i threw the skirts in the dryer instead of letting them air dry, as they both fit great when i first received them in the mail and tried them on.  i can't put all the blame on the dryer (although it really did shrink the skirts... i swear!  the one i'm wearing today is the same size and has been washed many times and fits great.  maybe the sizing changes from season to season.) it still makes you feel a little down on yourself when you expect something to fit and maybe it did at one point, but it doesn't in the moment that you wish it to.  well, i'm making the most of moving forward and hopefully i can exchange the skirts for the next size up.

how do you deal with clothes that you may either expect to fit if you buy them straight off the rack because it's the size you always wear and they don't or you find that you tend to grow out of something after owning it for some time?  i am struggling with this!

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  1. I think they have changed the sizing! I am 15 pounds and many inches less Than I was last year yet I am buying a size up from last year? Doesn't make much sense. I wish companies would make sizing consistent. If you followed the laundry instructions and it still shrunk maybe you can return them.