16 September 2012

sunday {shopping}

i wanted to highlight a great sale and online deal going on right now at target.com.  remember a couple weeks ago i commented how much i like the merona doubleweave skirt that comes in an array of colors?  they are on sale this week for $20, so if you're like me and have been waiting for a sale, now is the time!  in addition to being marked down to $20, there is a great promotion online that can help you save even more money:

{screen shot from target.com}

the small blue print underneath the title of the item states that when you buy 2 save 10%, buy 3 save 20% - this is across a lot of different clothing and accessory departments (excluding clearance), so browse around.  plus, if you reach $50 (before discounts works), you get free shipping!  i think it's really smart to take advantage of extra promotions and sales like this as they come along, especially for something you were planning on purchasing anyway.  sure, you'll have to wait a few extra days for the item to arrive in the mail, but to me it's worth it to save a bit of money.  it makes sense for me since i wanted to purchase this skirt in more than one color but my local store only has 4 of the available colors/prints to choose from in stock.  i'm adding a white button-down shirt to my order too, something i've been needing for a while, so with the discounts that shirt will basically be free!

another way to get something back from shopping online is using a site like mypoints.com, ebates.com, or shopathome.com.  i use mypoints the most and i've earned many gift cards over the years.  one more tip: target offers price adjustments up to two weeks after you buy an item if it goes on sale... so if you purchased this skirt within the last two weeks, bring in your receipt and get your $3 back! 

i love sharing good deals and helping others save a few extra dollars at the cash register or online, so i hope some of you might have found this helpful!  is anyone else planning on picking up this great skirt this week?

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  1. Great post! I tend to forget about using ebates unfortunately. Did you end up getting the painterly skirt from Talbots yet? I recently received mine, and it would be fun to post our outfit wearing the skirt on the same day! Let me know!