05 September 2012

wednesday {thrifted}

a tagless blazer of unknown origins {thrifted}   ·   calvin klein skirt {thrifted}
isaac mizrahi blouse {thrifted}   ·   merona milena wedges {thrifted target stock}
one of the quickest realizations i came to when i started thrifting a couple years ago is that hey, i can put together pretty great outfits from my thrift store of choice (the GW).  this was especially timely for me as i started my first professional job a little over two years ago after obtaining my master's degree.  up to that point i was a jeans-wearer 7 days a week, which is just the way i was used to dressing since high school and into college.  i owned a few pairs of dress pants and what could pass as dress shoes, but i never had a reason for dressing up and certainly didn't have anything in my closet that could guide me into a workplace environment, no matter how casual.
i am sure many of you guys have similar stories to mine.  i found that the basics i wished to fill my closets with could be found within the racks of donated clothing, and this avenue has worked really well for me to build and expand my professional wardrobe.  sometimes it doesn't always come through - i can't tell you how long i've been looking for a basic white button-down at the GW.  i have several white blouses that i wear regularly as layering pieces, like the one i'm wearing today, but i'd like a plain, fitted, long-sleeved white oxford shirt.  the ones i see at the GW are never that appealing or in good condition.  since my hunt has been going on for so long and it's still a piece i wish to have in my closet, it's time to perhaps purchase this item new.   however, i've been able to find plenty of other great closet staples and wardrobe basics at my local GW.  this skirt is one of my recent faves - a solid navy pencil skirt in a classic cut and work-appropriate length that will never go out of style.  this tagless blazer is another new addition from my haul on sunday and i think it also has longevity.  it's been really fun to have such success in thrifting and i hope that i can continue to encourage other people to give thrifting a try.  goodwills and thrift stores usually have pretty solid missions and give back to the communities that provide them with donations and there's a big part of me that appreciates that too.
i'm curious: how did you begin to build your professional wardrobe when you began your career?

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