07 September 2012

friday {adventurous}

adventurous / if there is ever a day to be a tad more adventurous with your outfit, let it be on a friday!  for me, the atmosphere is a little more relaxed and i steer clear from home visits or meetings where clients/colleagues may look at me and think, "are you sure you're a professional working lady?!"  okay, that's a big extreme but i would never wear this to a home visit with a client.  i have also never worn tall boots {these ones are available here!} with bare legs before so this was definitely a new look for me (and only manageable as the mercury didn't inch past 70 and i was chained to my desk inside all day), but hey... like i said on tuesday, it's good to tweak at least one routine aspect of your outfit once in a while to keep feeling creative about putting outfits together - you may come away with a look that you really do like!

have a great weekend!

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