09 September 2012

i've got your number {book review}

i've got your number by sophie kinsella / before you skim over this book review, thinking it'll be about nothing other than fluff, just hear me out.  i.  loved. this. book.  sometimes it's fun to read light-hearted chick lit stories but this one had a lot more going for it.  this is the second sophie kinsella book i've read and she has such a knack for developing what at first glance might seem like a silly story line into a sound novel with great characters.

the story starts out with poppy, a girl in her late-twenties, showing off her engagement ring at a tea with her girlfriends.  in the middle of the show & tell, the fire alarm went off in the hotel and everyone scattered, including someone with her ring.  she ended up losing her cell phone when she went outside in an attempt to get better service, and then randomly found someone else's cell phone in the trash can at the hotel where the tea had been along with a workplace conference.  i know, right?  poppy takes this phone on as her own without realizing the implications of also taking on the texts, calls, and emails from its previous owner, a personal assistant for a high-power executive, sam.  poppy begins to "share" the phone with sam, forwarding his emails and texts to him (reading them first, of course) as she continues to also use the number as her own.  what develops is an interesting and clever friendship between the two.  it was so cute to be a part of their developing friendship in a "21st century" way.  i think this book would appeal to a lot of us in the same age bracket since we are so used to using electronic forms of communication (texting, emailing, blogging) as a way to get to know others and develop friendships.  some may feel that it is more impersonal than talking to someone directly or in person, but i think it also allows for more honesty, and that easily comes across through poppy & sam's exchanges. 

i finished this book in just a couple sittings because the story-line was so enthralling and i had to find out what happened with poppy, her missing ring, her fiance, and mr executive man.  i really found this book to be so enjoyable.  if you're looking for an end-of-the-summer light-hearted read with entertaining characters all wrapped up into a cute little love story, i'd definitely recommend checking out this book!

have you read any of sophie kinsella's books before?  i haven't read much "chick lit" but as far as that genre goes, i think she is definitely at the top.

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