11 September 2012

tuesday (schooled)

 the limited skirt {thrifted}   ·   merona blouse {thrifted target stock}
xhilaration blazer {thrifted}   ·   merona mattie flats {thrifted target stock}

for this month's EBEW we were asked to show off our best "back to school" outfit.  since i am not heading back to school this fall i thought i would interpret the theme to show off some of my former school colors.  

i never became immersed in the student life or school spirit of the college where i did my graduate work, but its colors were maroon & _____?  my undergrad college's colors were red & black, but my loyalty towards that school isn't that strong anymore either.  even if i wanted to reminisce today and show off some red & black, it would have been a bit tricky as the only red i have in my closet comes in the form of old college t-shirts i wore to football games - i really enjoyed going to games back then, but definitely not work appropriate!

my high school's colors were purple & gray, so those seem like the logical colors to showcase today, not because i am any more attached to my high school but because those colors actually have prominence in my closet! i picked up this necklace at an artist's booth at the minnesota state fair a couple weeks ago and today seemed like the perfect day to build an outfit around it.  so, here i am catapulting myself back to high school as i proudly wear purple & gray/black.  how do you feel about these colors together?

Back To School

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