12 September 2012

wednesday (pop)

 gap button-down   ·   handmade (by me) skirt
old navy necklace   ·   merona mari pumps {thrifted target stock}
pop / i've worn this skirt a couple times in cooler weather and thought i would pull it out before that cool weather is upon us once again!  i think the next time i wear it i should take a more colorful route and pair it with a pink cardigan since i've only worn it with darker/neutral colors so far.  i went with a basic black button-down shirt today to showcase the pop of color in the necklace from old navy that was a part of the order i made on labor day.  i'm pretty happy with the other items that i ordered, too, but boy is my closet getting pretty packed.  i find that i keep having to take tops off hangers and store them folded on shelves to make room for other items.  there are tops or skirts i glance at that i have only worn once or not at all.  i'm starting to feel a little guilty about that.  i'm glad that i've already gotten several wears out of this skirt though!  {please ignore the hint of my slip showing as i had my hands in the pockets and pulled the sides out & up.}

as for some of the other handmade skirts i've made... at least they have another purpose when they're not being worn.  i pulled out this under-the-bed storage container i have them all laying flat in to look through them and my cat decided it looked like a good bed for her!  :)

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