13 September 2012

thursday (honesty)

mossimo sweater & merona belt {both thrifted target stock}   ·   j crew skirt {ebay}  
express button-down {thrifted}   ·   merona marylynn mary janes 

in all honesty, this is what i have been thinking about a lot at work this week...
  • accents / sometimes i find that i start to talk with a southern accent if i am trying to clearly & slowly explain something to one of my clients so that they can better hear (ie: understand) what i am saying.  in all honesty, i tried to ensure this wouldn't happen the 20+ years i lived in the south and now it creeps out when i am living in the north.

  • chocolate shakes / there were two days in one week when i ordered chocolate shakes from the bistro in my building from the same culinary worker, a guy several years younger than me.  i've put myself on a self-imposed break from shakes so he doesn't think i am too gluttonous but in all honesty, sometimes i creep upstairs just to see if he isn't working so i can order a shake from another one of the workers.

  • pop music / sometimes i close my office door in the afternoons so i can have a dance break to top 40 music.  how great is justin beiber's "as long as you love me"?  nicki minaj's "super bass" is another one that i jump out of my chair for.  in all honestly, i think only one person i work with knows that i like to do this {and i think he thinks i was joking...} so i am pretty sure i'm in the clear.  i take my mid-afternoon dance breaks pretty seriously.
it's clear that my brain can only hold so much social work.  what's on your mind this week?

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