12 October 2012

friday (florals)

merona bow blouse & merona mittie flats {both thrifted target stock}
xhilaration blazer {thrifted}   ·   merona doubleweave skirt

i put this blouse on my virtual wishlist when i saw this post at the blog what would emma pillsbury wear? that combined my favorite target skirt and various blouses & cardigans. it's one thing to look at each of these pieces individually (as i did many a time on my weekly target trips) but it's defintely helpful & inspiring to see them paired together and styled by someone else.  unfortunately, this blouse had already been phased out of my target's clearance racks and knowing that it had been clearanced in stores didn't leave me inclined to buy it at full price online.  yesterday i randomly popped into a goodwill i don't frequent much these days and there this blouse was, waiting for me!

as much as i love wearing tights in the fall/winter, i still struggle when the outfit i want to wear doesn't look good with tights.  i felt like black tights were the only option but that i then had to bring in more black, hence the blazer.  in the end, however, i feel this outfit is very "me" and i am so happy to have added this blouse to my wardrobe!

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