15 October 2012

monday (redeemed)

old navy cardigan {thrifted}   ·   merona bow blouse {thrifted target stock}
semantiks skirt {thrifted}   ·   mossimo wanda wedges
i definitely woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning.  i was worried about a home visit i had this morning and the topic i needed to discuss with a non-english speaking client and her son - i was dreading it.  i was also far too concerned about what to wear.  i always stick with slacks and shoes i can wear socks with when i visit my culturally diverse clients as it is more customary to remove my shoes at their door but i didn't want to lose any confidence by wearing something i didn't feel that great in or excited about.  i felt that the compromise of tights instead of slacks & socks worked okay and ended up being completely appropriate within my client's home environment.  the one time i met with one of my non-english speaking clients in a skirt and flats {this day}, i did not remove my shoes and i felt extremely disrespectful and uncomfortable the entire visit.  i knew about this norm but ignored it for whatever reason that day, which i felt really ignorant about afterwards.  i will never be an expert in the culture of those who i work with, but a lot of conversation and research will help me learn and i always try to start out on the right foot by obeying some of the most common norms.  and it turns out that the topic of discussion i was so concerned about this morning was resolved before i got there, so we were able to move forward and have a really great visit.  isn't it funny how things like that work out?  i'm so glad my day ended better than i allowed it to begin!
disclaimer: yep, same blouse i wore friday but in a different print.  and sorry for the lumpy sweater!

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