22 October 2012

monday (scarfed)

old navy sweater   &middot   dexter kylie wedges {on sale for $19!)
mossimo scarf & slacks {both thrifted target stock}
i went to my favorite goodwill for the first time in over a month yesterday and was inundated with target stock.  this scarf and another merona bow blouse (i now have it in all three prints, thanks goodwill!) and a necklace was all i picked up, but i think there was more thrifted target stock than anything else.  i should mention that i use the phrase "thrifted target stock" to refer to the donated target merchandise that i find at my local GWs.  i am not sure if i have ever really explained that before.  from what i have deduced over the years, target has a relationship with GW and will donate clearance or returned merchandise to be sold there.  this merchandise is denoted with a specific color tag and is rarely discounted.  i have never actually asked an employee about this before, this is simply what i have intuitively figured out over the years.  the merchandise ranges from clothing, shoes, accessories, household goods, furniture, you name it - if it doesn't sell at target, it will often end up at the GW.  yesterday there was even a bin full of it, all marked at 49c (nothing that exciting, sadly, mostly just shorts & swim suits).
here is another one of my finds... a great j crew strapless eyelet/scallop dress {i also found  an orange j crew shell!}.  the dress is about 2 sizes too small for me, but it was only $4.50 - plus, it's brand new with tags and the back kick pleat is still sewn shut.  i bet you can understand how bummed i was that it didn't fit!  but what could i do?  definitely not leave it there!  do you ever thrift items that don't fit with either a) the hope of fitting into it sometime in the future, or b) to resell?  i'm leaning towards the latter because let's face it, i exercise about once every other month and i know j crew sells well on ebay.  i'll probably still find myself staring at it longingly until i list it.  have you thrifted anything special lately? 
i hope your week is off to a great start!

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