23 October 2012

tuesday (a lament)

a lament / sometimes there are moments in my life when i skip out from work early to go to the goodwill and come across four j crew skirts, none in my size, for $4.99 each, and i don't know what to do.  today was one of those days.  i was stalking the aisles of goodwill today with these skirts close to my chest just wishing i could blog about it and ask you ladies for advice.  i just get so excited when i find good stuff like this when i am thrifting and hate that i never have anyone to share it with!  forgive me...
but man!

i ended up buying the watercolor floral skirt on the far left and the polka dot one and listed them on ebay with a little tear.  maybe i will wear the only j crew skirt i've thrifted that actually fit me tomorrow to try and cheer myself up!

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