06 October 2012

oct 1-5 {week in review}

happy weekend, friends!  i've been a ghost around here this week, oops, so here's my week in review picture  so you can see what i've been wearing.  i wasn't that excited about any of my outfits mid-week and didn't really feel that i had the words to fill posts so it was a little quieter around here than usual.  it's been a so-so week at work and for fashion, i guess!  

can you believe i wore tights yesterday?  i love it!  i have so many skirts/dresses in my closet that are just a few inches too short to wear without tights, so i am glad to pull them out again.  friday's outfit is a replica of one i wore almost a year ago and one that i'm reminded of often and how much i liked it, so yesterday seemed like a good day to end the week on a high note wearing an outfit from the past that i really loved with a couple accessory tweaks.  i hope you all have a great weekend!  i'll be marathoning it up {as a spectator, not a runner - the runner is my sister!}.  hopefully we'll have as much fun as we did last year, except we'll definitely be in gloves & hats & long underwear this year!

see you next week!

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  1. Good luck to your sister!!! I like your looks from this week - especially the booties in the second outfit! I haven't brought out the rights for the season yet, but I'm looking forward to doing it soon.

    Jess - J's Style