13 November 2012

monday (approaches)

i went to the crentist {office fans, anyone?} monday morning, which is an experience that i don't mind at all, but this visit felt a little off-putting.  apparently my teeth are now suddenly prone to cavities even though i feel that i take pretty good care of them... i mean, it's not like i'm swallowing pixi sticks on the hour every hour.  either way, apparently i have some cavities that need to be dealt with.  i felt in the wrong the entire visit as my hygienist asked if i chewed sugared gum or sucked on candy all day.  i think a better approach to take would be to show me how to effectively floss or offer a tip that brushing in circular motions is better instead of pointing out that my gum line is receding because i brush too hard. 

it got me to thinking about how easy it is to re-frame our conversations and words towards others to bring about a more positive reaction.  i definitely try to do that with my clients (seniors).  i encourage them to advocate for themselves the most joy i get is when we talk about their strengths and interests.  who wants to be berated for the enamel on their teeth wearing down or any number of other unpleasant things?  why not approach it differently, like, "your teeth are nice & straight!" or "i don't see much tartar, good job!"  we're all called to serve in some way but we have the power to make that service for someone else meaningful.  the approach we take means so much to the customer or client.  maybe i think about this a lot because in my profession my words are basically all i have... i'm constantly thinking about what i am going to say (this is why my brain is so tired at 4pm) so i can have the most efficacy with my clients.  i wish my hygienist had tried a little harder to do that. well, i'm going to try to carry this with me the rest of the week.  thanks for listening!

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