09 November 2012

friday (aqua & brown)

merona cardigan {thrifted target stock}   ·   handmade (by me) skirt
merona linen stretch belt   ·   merona mariela pumps {thrifted}

i was really excited to wear this belt and these shoes today because i got such good deals on them.  i've been eying this belt in the clearance section at target for weeks now the price finally dropped to 70% off.  yes, please!  i also picked up this belt for $3 and change.  these shoes were a find at savers yesterday for $2.50.  i feel that i have more luck at the GW, but i do pop into savers whenever they have sales.  yesterday all clothes & shoes were 50% off and i was pleased to also find two great button-up shirts in colors i don't have (lavender and hot pink) and another orange cardigan (i know!).  i love thrifting!!  
have a great weekend - i am going to try to get started on some more skirts (like this one) so i can have my mom help me finish the waistbands and zippers over thanksgiving... that part of the construction always gives me trouble.  i have a feeling i'll have a pretty crazy assembly line going, but it'll be really rewarding and fun if i can crank out several that i can have ready to finish with my mom's help.  i have a lot of fabric in my stash i've been eager to make skirts out of.  thanks for visiting!

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