08 November 2012

thursday (orange & navy)

merona cardigan, merona blouse, and mossimo slacks {all thrifted target stock}
dexter kylie wedges   ·   limited colorful clusters bracelet

in the past, i never would have been drawn to something that was orange if there were other colors to choose from, but i'm finding that i really like adding pieces of this shade to my closet.  it started with an orange necklace that i wear all the time, and the same can be said for this cardigan.  i think it looks good with my skin tone and hair color, when those were the two aspects of my appearance that i thought always clashed with orange.  i'm glad i'm giving this color a try - red, however, is one color i don't think i will ever care to wear!

thanks for the birthday wishes yesterday, you guys are all really kind and they definitely brightened my day!  a i get older, birthdays are still special but they don't seem as celebratory so even though it really felt like any other day, it was still nice to be recognized.  thanks again!

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