06 November 2012

tuesday (vote!)

happy election day!  i meant to post yesterday as i found it amusing that i was wearing a pretty patriotic outfit that was unplanned and would have made more sense to wear today, but i experienced an optical migraine (self-diagnosed) as i was stuck in monstrous traffic on my way home and barely made it home before collapsing in bed in my dark room - needless to say, i definitely wasn't up to blogging last night.  i've experienced these just a couple times in the past and i know they are brought on by stress and bright lights/flashing lights/staring too intently at computer screens, but it's still disconcerting. 

tomorrow is my birthday (!) and i'm just hoping i don't slip on any patches of ice or experience much stress... i'm sure taking a half-day won't hurt.  i am attending a presentation next week on stress management for social services providers and i have a feeling it couldn't come at a better time.  if anyone else out there has a really stressful job, have you found any unique or helpful ways to mitigate the stress?

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