02 November 2012

friday (wiped out)

i get to work really early when it's still dark outside, and it's starting to get even darker as we get closer to winter.  it's been pretty cold in the mornings too but i didn't think it was quite cold enough for wet ground to freeze yet!  needless to say, i was pretty taken aback as i was walking along the path towards my building from my parking lot this morning and slid on a patch of black ice and boom, down on my bum i went.  it was one of those things that happened so fast that i just hoped no residents were looking out their apartment window to see me sprawled out on the ground or other staff/employees lurking in the shadows of the pre-dawn day (that would be creepy).  i know, that potential embarrassment rose above my concern about actually being hurt!  thankfully i've only been a little sore and my coffee didn't spill all over me as i went down.  my shoes weren't so fortunate, however.  one got scuffed when i plopped on the ground and then went flying off (don't worry, i quickly recovered it!).  i'm really bummed though as i haven't worn these shoes that many times and the scuffed scratch is an obvious place on the top of the shoe.  they're on clearance for $19 right now at payless, but my size is sold out.  well, i'm sure i'll keep wearing them anyway... and here's to hoping i don't wake up sore tomorrow!  have a great weekend!

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