29 October 2012

monday (staph & snags)

j crew lydia blouse & lattice print skirt {both thrifted}
gap cardigan   ·   mossimo wanda wedges

i think of you guys as my friends and people who are likely much smarter than me, so i have to come to you with some of my life's burning questions.  you've already helped me learn the ins & outs of dry cleaning and probably many other things, but today i come to you with concerns about staph & snags.  are you on the edge of your seat yet?  :)

this outfit might seem more apt to wear on halloween but after trying three other outfits this morning, snagging a brand new pair of navy tights (here's where the "snag" comes in), and feeling frustrated that i didn't think i had any shoes that would look good with navy tights anyway, i settled on this outfit that i had put together and hanging on the back of my closet door.  now i need to find a way to repair my snagged tights - it is a tiny little hole, not a full on snag, so i am hoping i can sew it shut or something?  what do you guys think?  they're thicker, ribbed tights if that helps.

in the middle of my work day i borrowed some gloves, rags, and high potency cleaner from the housekeeping department at my building to disinfect my office after my coworker (she was not in our office while i was doing this!) left me a message telling me she has a staph infection.  she's had this boil (?) on her index finger that has been very painful and i guess she finally got a diagnosis.  i'm not sure if my disinfecting was effective or not (well, it was, in a way... i talk on my phone a lot, that thing needed to be disinfected!), but it's serious enough that she has to have surgery on the finger and stay in the hospital a few days.  does anyone have any experience with staph infections?  i probably shouldn't mention that i usually--okay, almost always--eat lunch at my desk.  i'm just a little concerned because we share a small office and both touch the light switches, shredder, fax machine, file drawers, doorknob, cd player, etc a lot... 

well, i really can only imagine what the rest of the week has in store for me.  i hope your week is off to an equally as exciting start! 

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