04 December 2012

secret santa gift ideas

this holiday season i am participating in a secret santa gift exchange with some of the members of my team.  it seems silly to say this, but despite working as a part of the same team, i do not interface with anyone on a daily basis as we do not share any mutual clients.  so, unfortunately i do not know a lot about my coworker who i was chosen to be the secret santa for.

she is a few years older than me and an RN who works alongside her nurse practitioner.  she is married and has a couple young kids and has a pretty cute style, but i never see her wearing any jewelry or scarves.  i'm not sure what our rules are yet, but i am anticipating needing to get around 3-4 small gifts.  i like to be creative in my gift-giving and not default to candy, chocolates, candles, or body products--that all seems too overdone and predictable.  i try to think of things that i would like, too, so here are a couple of my ideas:

small dishes: world market / i think small, decorative dishes are so cute and could have many uses - they could house trinkets, rings, or just look pretty on a shelf or your desk.

scarf: target / i think any woman would love this type of scarf for fashion or function - i know i would!

winter survival kit: pocket kleenex, lotion, lip balm / this seems like a useful gift for the cold winter days we experience here in minnesota.  i love having stuff like this in my purse!  what else could i add?

chocolate-dipped marshmallows / i like this idea for a sweet treat - you can't feel too guilty about eating a few marshmallows dipped in good quality chocolate and fun toppings!  and they look so easy to make.  mara recently posted a similar idea using pretzels, too, which is also a healthier alternative than a box of chocolates!

can you think of any other inexpensive gift ideas that are generic enough to give someone who you don't know much about but still appear as though you've put forth some thought & effort?  are you participating in a secret santa gift exchange this month?

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