05 December 2012

wednesday (tiered)

old navy button-down   ·   merona cardigan {thrifted}
eshakti tiered genus skirt   ·   merona milena wedges {thrifted target stock}

i have the worst luck when it comes to ordering items at eshakti, but for some reason that doesn't stop me when they request that i review an item or i win a giveaway.  i purchased this skirt during a promotion and despite thinking that i've finally figured out my size, it is still too small.  i swear, i have ordered a range of three sizes from eshakti in both skirts and dresses and they have all differed so much that i don't know what size i am in their brand!  well, thank goodness for layers of cardigans and blazers to hide a side zipper that isn't zipped all the way.  at least the length is perfect!  as for the wrinkles... i'm not sure that there's anything that i can do about that by the end of a workday.  thanks for visiting!

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