24 January 2013

january 24th {q&a}

jh collectibles blazer {thrifted}   ·   mossimo scarf
handmade (by me) skirt   ·   dexter kylie wedges

this outfit turned out differently than what i originally put on this morning.  i had every intention of copying miss molly by wearing a blue sweater and camel-colored blazer with the same striped skirt, but something about my attempt just didn't click... maybe it was my tights color and shoes.  so i tried a couple different skirts, landing on this one, added a belt, and at the last minute this lightweight scarf that features all of the same colors as the solids in my outfit.  in the end, i really like how this outfit turned out.

there has been a fun Q&A going around and i was glad when my friend whitney tagged me!  i love answering questions and having the opportunity to connect with someone out there on something that might not ordinarily come up in one of my blog posts.  so here goes, reflecting back on 2012:

favorite makeup: i am not someone who tries a lot of different make up or swears by certain brands... i buy whatever mascara is on sale and i have a coupon for and get adventurous when i run out of eye shadow {i've stuck with cover girl for a really long time} and get to choose a new shade of tan/brown/cream.  i was happy, though, to finally try eos lip balms last year - they are so fun and i love the scents/flavors!

favorite book: i have really enjoyed all of the books i have posted reviews of on my blog, but i think my favorites were the night circus and  the pajama girls of lambert square.  i hope to continue to add more reviews in 2013!

favorite song/album: wow, i could talk about music all day!  two of my favorite bands came out with new albums in 2012, fun. and the rocket summer.  in fact, i saw fun. in concert last night!  the five-disc cd changer in my car is probably bored with me because the only cds that have been in it since i got the car last summer are fun., the format (the lead singer of fun.'s former band), and the rocket summer.  i am pretty loyal to the bands i love and i rarely tire of their albums!  the cds i enjoyed listening to most at work last year (and still this year) are of monsters & men's "my head is an animal" and beach house's "bloom" - both cds work well as background music and i could play them on repeat and never get sick of the tracklist.

{sorry, i don't have any good pictures for the rest of these!}

favorite movie: i honestly don't think that i saw one movie in the theater in 2012.  i am really picky when it comes to movies and there were literally none that must have warranted my attention in 2012.  i need a good romantic comedy to be released in 2013!

one thing you're grateful for: the potential that is developing for my parents to move to the same state as me.  i really hate thinking about all of the time i am missing spending time with my parents because we are currently separated by over 1,000 miles.  i'm praying the sale of their house goes through and the logistics all fall into place to move halfway across the country in a few months.

greatest challenge: my greatest challenge of 2012 was my job and feeling confident in my role and the responsibilities i have.  my work is hard but i continue to grow a lot as i figure out how to be the best type of social worker for my clients.  it's a constant challenge not to take on too much and not to feel too much... people's lives are messy and i'm in the middle of it every day, all day.

what are you looking forward to in 2013:  this is kind of trite, i think, but i really want to improve my health in 2013.  i am someone who really does not exercise or spend much time thinking about the benefits of exercise.  i may wander into the work out room in my apartment complex a few times a year... but i'm coming to the realization that my relative "youth" (i think i look a lot younger than i really am, which makes me feel as though i still have some "youth" left in me) isn't immunity against poor health and i need to be more proactive about taking care of myself.  and just to keep it real and drive home my point (to myself, mostly) - the last time i wore this blazer nearly a year ago to this date i could button it, but now... not so much.  i'm looking forward to working on this more this year!

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and i'm linking up with mix & match fashion today.  thanks for reading!

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