16 March 2013

march 11-15 {week in review}

{week 11}
march 11-15

happy 11th week of 2013!  here is my collection of outfits from this week of mostly neglected items and some new pieces... i still have a few new things that i'm itching to wear and plenty of other neglected clothes, maybe i'll really go crazy next week and wear one of each.  

i'm trying to be better about documenting my daily life--i know i do that with clothing, but what about the other random things that happen to me that are fun to be reminded of later?  this prompted me to buy a 5 year journal, hoping my short-attention span will at least allow me to write one sentence about what happened each day.  instagram is helping too... here are a few from this week:

{ gap kids boy's shirt at GW / winter laughs at minnesota / free food from social work event / it's &@(% still winter }

see all of my 2013 week in review pictures here.  have a great weekend!

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