18 March 2013

march 18th {neglected gingham}

merona button-down & skirt {both thrifted target stock}
old navy scarf    ·   merona melinda wedges

for "no longer neglected" today i'm wearing a combination of old and new, all of which i'm happy to say are no longer being neglected.  i last wore this button-down july 9, 2012 but it had sadly been shunned as i favored my black & white gingham shirt with slightly larger blocks.  after wearing this one today i realized it is quite versatile too.  the lighter print mixed well with the floral paisley pattern on the scarf i received in a recent order from old navy.  if you skim through my archives you'll notice i do not have a penchant for pattern mixing, but after today's effort i think i am getting the hang of it!

the bottom half of the outfit could have worked better, perhaps with a gray skirt, but my creativity is still stunted with the need to wear tights and i felt the easiest route to go was black & black.  and i'll admit that even though i am wearing these BRIGHT PINK wedges in this picture, something about it felt off to me all day and i ended up switching into a pair of black flats i keep in my desk drawer at work.  i'm not one to feel uncomfortable in color, but these shoes seemed to stand out too much against the black tights.  i don't know what my deal was--hopefully they don't become neglected!

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