19 March 2013

march 19th {neglected Q&As}

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yes, i not only neglect clothes but i also neglect blogger memes.  both bri & kate tagged me for the little 5 things Q&A going around, so i wanted to try my hardest to participate.  i looked in my drafts and saw i had about two of these started from various awards i've been given in the past (sorry!).  i enjoy getting to know bloggers but sometimes in the moment it's hard to think of five random facts to share about myself!  it seriously took me about a week to finish this post, but here goes:

01 / pet peeves:  one of my biggest pet peeves is hearing coworker's dings, chimes, message alerts, and ring tones on their work cell phones when we are in meetings.  i know everyone is busy and might be awaiting a pertinent phone call from a patient or colleague, but it gives the impression that they're not fully present at the meeting if they are attending to their phone every few minutes.  i mean, if your cell phone is sitting on the table in front of you, you can still see if a call/message comes in when it's on silent!  right?  i think this is a big problem in the technology era we live in... poor cell phone etiquette. 

02 / volunteering:  i volunteer with my aunt at a local organization that sews baby clothes and puts them all together in a diaper bag and delivers them to local hospitals and organizations for underprivileged new moms.  my responsibility is cutting out little sleepers and then i help to put all of the bags together once a month.  it's nice taking time out of my life to do something for someone else's and to share in something meaningful with my aunt!

03 / guilty pleasure: i have a major guilty pleasure of reading romance fiction stories on fictionpress.com.  that's probably why i haven't posted any book reviews in a while, i'm too busy reading amateur cheesiness!  actually, that is not fair--i have read some great stories on there.  and i'm willing to recommend, don't be bashful!

04 / talentless: growing up, i never participated in any sort of organized sports or dance classes, two extracurricular activities i feel were the norm for kids to start getting involved in even as early as elementary school.  i never played a musical instrument growing up either (i was in chorus in middle school & high school).  i'm come to face the fact that i don't have much talent!

05 / traveling:  the u.s. city i have visited more times than any other outside of cities in the state i live in (minnesota) and grew up in (georgia) is... wait for it... tulsa, oklahoma.  random, i know?   i know i can't just leave it there so i'll explain why--my favorite band is from there and, well, i'm still a teenybopper fangirl at heart and i think it's a rule that i have to pilgrimage back there every year or two for events they host.  it's true, i'm making visit in may.  what city have you visited the most?

okay, enough disclosures for one day!  thanks for visiting.  :)

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