09 July 2012

hey monday.

merona shirt {thrifted target stock}  ·  j crew skirt {ebay}
target belt  ·  dexter kylie wedges
i really like how you can make a more casual button-down shirt work in a professional setting with a structured skirt and nice accessories.  i have been eying this belt for so long at target and my sweep through the accessories section this weekend finally paid off when i saw that little red clearance sticker on it for half off!  usually i would have waited for another price drop but with one belt left in my preferred size, i went for it.  i'm having a hard time justifying spending money on myself after i just bought a new car a couple weekends ago, so i feel that for a while my trips to the goodwill and purchases like this may be few & far between, no matter how much use i feel i may get out of something.  i get tempted to buy clothing items or accessories if they meet my price standard and i have a hard time saying "no" to myself if it's a "good deal," whether or not it fills a hole in my closet.  but if i just stay home and don't go to the goodwill or stay away from the clearance section at target, what is there to see and be tempted by?  well, there's still ebay but after i was burned on a recent purchase i'm upping my standards there, too.  i'm pretty happy with this great neutral, taupe colored pencil skirt that i purchased a few weeks ago, though, even if it wrinkles upon contact!
are you pretty good about saying "no" to yourself if you are browsing around and see something that's a good deal, or do you have to literally stay away from your favorite shops so you're not tempted?

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