08 July 2012


what's been up with me lately!  i have felt my absence around here again.  sometimes point A & point B just don't connect and a combination of three long evenings in a row this past week and less than inspired outfits left me feeling like i didn't have anything to blog about -- not even my own one year anniversary (july 5th).  i know i hinted at a giveaway last weekend which would have been in honor of that but it just didn't come together.  maybe some other time!  just for fun, here are a few posts from the beginning:

my first outfit post: july 5, 2011 
early getting to know me posts:  one / two / three / four

a year in and i'm still working at this.  thanks to all of you who follow and offer support!  i feel that i'm on my way to developing my personal style, picking cuts & prints that appeal to me and my profession/dress code, and portraying myself in my best way possible while sharing it with you.  i'm still trying to figure out how to mother this lil' blog of mine so bear with me if i disappear for a few days or struggle to find a combination of posts that i feel great hitting "publish" on.  a goal i have for myself is to find other content to supplement with when i have "those days."  i mean, part of my blog title is "literate" and i have never even discussed my love of reading or written any book reviews (and i'm always reading!).  in looking back on this past year, i feel as though there's been some missed opportunities like that, so i'm hoping to develop that and make this place feel more well-rounded for me and hopefully more interesting to you.  of course, i welcome any feedback or suggestions.

last wednesday, the fourth of july, my sister was supposed to run a half marathon but it was downgraded to a five miler due to the extreme heat.  afterwards, i popped into the goodwill to take advantage of their holiday sale and picked up two necklaces and two pleated skirts.  my day wrapped up at a rocket summer concert in downtown saint paul.  i have to get your opinions on the skirts:

the limited pleated skirt & ann taylor breezy dot skirt (new with tags)

i'm not totally crazy about wearing polka dots but i just couldn't leave this ann taylor skirt on the rack, especially after i spied it last sunday and saw that it was still there a few days later.  it fits me great but i just don't know if it has a place in my closet.  my first thought was to buy it to re-sell on ebay (i did the same thing with a jason wu for target black pleated skirt that has yet to be listed... this is probably a dangerous game to play!).  we'll see... enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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