23 March 2013

march 18-21 {week in review}

{week 12}
march 18-21

here is what i wore to work this week!  on friday i also wore a pretty neglected denim skirt, last worn april 20, 2012, and cardigan, last worn july 20, 2012.  by the way, i did end up selling that polka dot skirt i was wearing in that post, i just couldn't make it work for me.  i think the same will be said for the denim skirt i wore on friday.  it is a size too small, high waisted, and really tight.  i felt self-conscious in it all day.  it's a nice length and shade of denim, but i'm not sure sure if i'll ever squeeze comfortably into it again knowing my exercise habits.  sad, but true, as i must have fit into it at some time.  looks like my "to sell/to donate, but i'm not quite sure yet" pile keeps growing.

see everything i've worn to work so far this year here!

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