22 March 2013

march 21st {neglected pumps}

land's end button-down, merona sweater, merona skirt, mossimo pumps 
{everything was thrifted!}

this is what i wore on thursday, an extremely tiring + emotionally draining day.  i'm a care coordinator and on this day my client files were audited.  it is always stressful when your work is being picked over or critiqued, whether it be by your direct supervisor, a colleague, or in this case... a health plan with strict requirements i have to follow in working with their members.  there were some low moments, but i feel re-energized moving forward and making my work the best it can be in 2013 in preparation for it to be audited in 2014!  that's what i tried to take away from this day, anyway.  i also took away a love for green & purple paired together and a new-found love for these shoes, which i think i have only worn a couple times (the last time was may 8, 2012!) because i thought they were too pinchy & painful, but they really weren't!  neglected no more, i say!


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