09 March 2013

march 4-8 {week in review}

{week 10}
march 4-8

here is my week in review post for this week.  i know it looks like i have been having a lot of four day weeks lately, but really i just had another self-imposed snow day this week and worked from home one day.

i want to talk about my outfit on thursday (the second from the right) for a minute.  it is quite possibly one of the worst outfits i have ever worn.  i think anyone in their right mind would gloss over it, not draw attention to it, but i'm actually glad i suffered through the entire day in that ensemble as it taught me that something about it clearly didn't work & i should quit trying (by that i mean the dress is going in the ebay/goodwill pile).  

the dress hadn't been worn for nearly 3 years, and rightfully so.  it's a wrap dress with too deep of a v-neckline.  i attempted--badly--to make the neckline higher with a safety pin, which is clearly obvious.  i put my hair up halfway through the day, which looks sloppy.  yes, that is a giant hole in my tights.  and the drapey knit fabric of the dress highlights lumps & bumps in all the wrong places.  am i missing anything?   probably.  i'm not trying to be hard on myself, but i definitely understand that i wouldn't be doing myself any favors if i believed any part of that outfit to work.  that's one of the reasons why i like taking pictures of my outfits everyday and why i am enjoying this "no longer neglected" challenge.  who knows how much longer that dress would have stayed taking up space in my closet if i hadn't finally worn it this week and realized it just doesn't work.  if anything, hopefully i can inspire others out there to pull some neglected items from your closet and give them a try or give them away.  just do me a favor and don't click on the picture to look at it any bigger (oops, i know by saying that you're going to click it now, aren't you?!)

stay tuned for more neglected items next week... but hopefully better outfits!

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