11 March 2013

march 11th {neglected turtleneck}

j crew lattice print skirt {thrifted}
merona turtleneck & merona melinda wedges

i am trying to be loyal to this no longer neglected challenge, but today's outfit is a little bit of a stretch--again.  i wear this skirt all the time, the last time was in october 2012.  i love this skirt so much that i try to wear it at least once a quarter though, so it was definitely time to be worn again.  this dark brown turtleneck is another story, i haven't worn it in over a year!  now that's neglected.  since my turtleneck wearing days feel numbered, i wanted to make it a point to wear it today and try a new color combination of brown and blue accents with this skirt.  i wear a lot of different colors with this tan & cream skirt, but this may be one of my favorites.

i promise i'll dig out some more neglected pieces from my closet to wear this week!

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