12 March 2013

march 12th {neglected blazer}

 jones ny blazer {thrifted}   ·   merona ponte skirt {thrifted target stock}
dexter kylie wedges   ·   old navy scarf

i'm back today featuring a true neglected item for "no longer neglected" - this striped blazer.  here's a run down:

last worn: sept 28, 2012

date purchased: i cannot find this item on my clothing purchases spreadsheet i keep so i guess i missed it!  i thrifted it sometime late summer/early fall 2012.

reason for purchase: i had seen a couple cute outfits others had worn with a navy & white striped blazer.  when i saw it at the goodwill, it just seemed like something worth buying for that reason.  the price must have been right.

why neglected:  i know bloggers are required to love stripes, but i just don't think i do.  maybe one of these days i'll find the perfect striped tee, but i'm never drawn to wearing this striped blazer.  there isn't a proper button, either, just a little hook & eye closure, so it doesn't lay open nicely and always has to be closed. 

verdict: i'll keep it around!  do you agree?  i would like to pair it with one of my orange dresses next.  one of my coworkers also gave me a great compliment today stating that i always dress so "fun."  i don't think i can get rid of this blazer after a sweet comment like that.  it might sound corny, but i think it is awesome if someone looks at me and smiles because they think i dress fun!

speaking of fun, here is what i looked like today after i tried on a gap kids boy's shirt (you know i love 'em) in the dressing room at goodwill and it fit.  it only takes $1.49 to make me this happy - i mean, look at how sweet this plaid is!

it's good not to take ourselves too seriously, right?  thanks for visiting!

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