20 April 2013

april 15-19 {week in review}

{week 16}
april 15-19

here is what i wore this 16th week of 2013! for some reason, there is an unspoken rule in this blog land of ours that we cannot repeat outfits.  i'm not sure where this stemmed from -- the desire to prove that we can flex our creativity in our closets... to keep our readers interested in our outfits... to get the most out of individual pieces of clothing?  maybe a combination of these or other reasons?  i suppose that's fine, but then i think, geez, i follow so many blogs that i'm honestly not sure that i would remember if someone has worn a particular outfit in an exact way more than once.  that leads me to wonder if anyone remembered that i have worn the exact outfit from monday five months ago?  do you honestly care that i repeated it verbatim?  i'd be curious to know!

thanks for all of your thoughts this week regarding my job situation and move from thursday.  i have an idea of the cube i will get to move into, which i hope doesn't change because it is situated in a corner against two  proper walls, which i think will help me to feel as though i have some more privacy... and maybe even a sightline to a window.

check out what i wore to work weeks 1-15 of this year by clicking here or click the above picture to make it larger.

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