18 April 2013

april 18th {catch up}

old navy honeycomb sweater   ·  old navy boy's plaid shirt
calvin klein skirt {thrifted}   ·   merona erin maryjanes

this has been a week!  i've been battling a host of emotions surrounding my job and what my future entails.  what it comes down to is i will be moving to a different office space in a different building than where my current office is.  the current office i share with my one coworker is in the quiet basement of a building, has a door, cute lamps on our desks, a water feature, artwork on the walls, a cd player that is always playing music (lately i've been spinning old counting crows & death cab for cutie on repeat) and overhead lights that we keep turned off all day -- it is our cozy, zen-like cave that keeps our emotions in check as we commonly deal with difficult client situations over the pone and stress over completing administrative paperwork.  

sadly, i will be moving from my zen-cave and into cubicle life.  this is anxiety-provoking for many reasons, the first of which is no longer having a door to close for privacy and many people within a short radius from me will hear every phone conversation.  for a private person who values confidentiality for myself & my clients, this is going to be a difficult obstacle to overcome.  it's also a bit nerve wracking knowing space is at a premium and i do no have an assigned workspace yet, but i am hopeful that when that happens i'll be able to turn my cubicle into a comfortable space where i enjoy working.  i'm thinking fabric covered cubicle walls (how can this be done?), bringing in baskets for storage (if my cube has an open shelf), bringing in my lamp and a potted plant, and of course--ear buds!  i also love this painted acrylic tray anne recently did a tutorial on!

does anyone else work in a cubicle?  how have you adjusted to this type of environment--aesthetically or in terms of privacy?

speaking of work, i'm linking up with tara at mix & match fashion today and showing you what i wore to work, as i do everyday.  i wore this on tuesday to the office, to a home visit with a client, and then to happy hour that lasted three hours (boy was it needed, haha).


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