04 April 2013

april 4th {cheery}

merona cardigan & cherokee button-down {both thrifted target stock}
old navy slacks & scarf   ·   merona emma cap-toe flats

today's outfit was inspired by jordan at opal & violet.  i loved the look she created with skinny pants, a mint cardigan, and a beautiful coordinating lightweight scarf.  my scarf options are limited, so i pulled this one out again and matched the dark purple/magenta and coral colors in the scarf to my cardigan and flats.

i'm really pleased with these flats, by the way!  they are true to size and quite comfortable, and the leather is really soft.  they also don't appear as "scrunched" as they do in the photo, i could easily slip them on and off without having to pull them up and over my heel.  they did start to rub against the back of my ankles after an 8+ hour day, but that's no big deal.  i'm really glad that i ended up getting two pairs during target's recent bogo 50% off shoe deal.  i am also so happy to be wearing shoes without socks/tights!


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