08 April 2013

april 8th {doubleweave floral}

merona doubleweave skirt   ·   gap cardigan {thrifted}
merona milena wedges {thrifted target stock}

i get such a thrill when i can add cute, versatile pieces to my closet for mere dollars--or less.  this may be why i bought two target stock blouses at the goodwill yesterday for 99 cents each (seriously... they had a 99 cent rack of target stock) and why i was willing to wait for this skirt to drop to 70% off at an actual target.  the thing about target is that as soon as new merch hits the floor, you know it is going to go on sale soon.  i blogged about this season's new doubleweave skirts at the end of february and they went on sale almost exactly a month later.  after items go on sale you might have to wait another month or so, but then they start to go on clearance.  once something is on clearance, an additional drop from 30% to 50% or 50% to 70% off happens roughly every 2 or 3 weeks... so i just kept watching this skirt during my normal target trips until they got to 70% off.  it's not often that i come across clothing that i feel i NEED to have, clothing is something i want, so i tend to be pretty good about playing the waiting game for a good deal.  i'm glad it paid off this time for me and i could finally buy this skirt that i've been admiring for a while.  i don't have many tops in the same exact shades as the colors in the skirt, but that might push me a bit to experiment with different color schemes.
how do you feel about buying clothing at full price vs playing the waiting game for a sale or clearance markdown?


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