16 May 2013

may 16th {what i wore}

merona tie front dress   ·   mossimo belt
mix no 6 otavia wedges
i was so unhappy with the outfit that i wore yesterday.  at the last minute before i left for work i thought of this dress, but by that time it would have been too much work to change completely without the assurance this outfit would work out--i wasn't sure if the colors in the wedges would "match" as well with the dress without pulling them both out and putting them next to each other.  turns out, the purple hues in the wedges is more of a true purple, not magenta like this dress.  the green in the shoes is more lime green, not mint green like my belt, but i still think that they blend well enough to "go."  i'm really so glad i purchased these wedges at DSW a couple months ago.  even though they were more expensive than shoes i typically buy, they're interesting and coordinate with so many different outfits.

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