18 May 2013

may 13-17 {week in review}

{week 20}
may 13-17, 2013

please forgive the fact that it looks like i wore nearly the same outfit on wednesday and thursday.  i suppose i could have glossed over that and not posted a week in review for this week but getting dressed can be hard and sometimes outfits just don't translate well (cough, wednesday) as they did in our heads.  i tend to feel more comfortable in layers, and keeping the jacket on was what i needed to do to feel okay with that outfit.  but somehow i ended up wearing it again on thursday.  speaking of that jacket, it is the old navy linen blazer i wear all the time.  when i spotted another one at the goodwill this week for $2.99, i snatched it up.  is it odd to buy not just multiples of the same item in different colors, maybe, but the exact same item?!  i figure one day i'll wear the blazer out and it will be nice to have a back-up, and $2.99 wasn't much of a second investment.  have you ever done that before?

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