21 May 2013

may 21st {we love target!}

i apologize for the silence this week!  i've been enjoying having my mom in town and benefiting from her sewing prowess.  i've really missed sewing a lot and am energized to get back into it after the projects we've finished.  hopefully i can show you all what i've made with her help very soon!

until i can get back into the swing of posting outfit pictures, i wanted to mention the target challenge my friend whitney from along the lines of style and i are hosting next week!  after noticing that we both own so many of the same clothing items from target we thought it would be fun to style them individually and wear them on the same day.  finally our fun idea has come to fruition and of course we wanted our readers to be able to participate as well, so we're inviting you to wear the same article of clothing as we are {ex: a target top on monday... hint... we'll both be wearing this lace top} each day next week.  we hope you'll join us!

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