25 May 2013

may 20-24 {week in review}

{week 21}
may 20-24, 2013

i hope you all had a good week!  so, i've never put a great deal of thought into what holes exist in my closet.  i'm one of those shoppers who buys what i like if it's a good deal, that's really all there is to it.  but it became very clear to me on friday that one hole that is becoming increasingly apparent in my closet is structured trouser jeans.  i've had this pair for many years and although they're okay (good length, nice dark wash, no rips/holes), i'm not crazy about the pockets and buttoned belt loops.  now that i've started the trend of dressing more casually on fridays at my workplace that allows staff to wear jeans, i've realized i need to add more jeans to my wardrobe that meet both the criteria of being casual, yet professional.  i don't often see trouser jeans for sale at the stores where i typically shop, but hopefully i'll be able to fill this hole relatively soon.  if you've spotted any, do let me know!
one last reminder about the we love target link-up whitney and i are hosting next week.  from one fellow target lover to another, i can't wait to see what items you are going to share with us!

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