23 May 2013

may 23rd {revived}

old navy camp shirt   ·   handmade (by me) skirt
dexter kylie wedges

i made this skirt last august, but despite my desire back then to wear it again soon with a different color scheme, it took nearly nine months for it to be worn again due to a silly sewing issue.  i used fusible hem tape when i made it but applied it wrong and the hem came out after one wash, and it took until this week for me to repair it.  i guess that is a clear indication of how much sewing i did over the winter--sad.  but now that this skirt has been revived, i feel like i have a brand new skirt in my collection and yes, if the hem doesn't fail me again i do hope to wear it with a different colored top--and belt too, for that matter!

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