30 May 2013

may 30th {we love target shoes}

lands end canvas gingham shirt {thrifted}
merona doubleweave skirt {thrifted}   merona melinda wedges

as i tried to think about what outfit i wanted to build around these turquoise wedges whitney and i are wearing today for our we love target link-up, i was at a total loss.  i think it is because i have felt like all of my outfits and color combinations have felt really predictable lately.  skirt, belt, button-down is a pretty typical uniform i wear almost every day.  i hardly ever wear black and i hardly ever walk out the door without a statement necklace and a belt.

so, today i really pushed myself through the discomfort of wearing almost all black (seriously... i never wear this much black) and only one accessory in the form of a necklace.  the verdict is still out, but as i walked out the door i definitely felt pretty sharp.  it feels good to dress differently like this once in a while!

thanks for linking up with us and i this week during our "we love target" challenge.  it's clear that many of you do too, and it's been fun to see some of your favorite target finds.  if you have a pair of shoes you want to show off, grab a button and link up with me below!

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