31 May 2013

may 31st {we love target... favorite score}

merona doubleweave skirt & merona bella flats
old navy blouse   ·   jc penney scarf

today marks day 5 of the "we love target" link-up whitney and i have been hosting all week.  we're keeping it open-ended today and asking everyone to link up with their favorite score.  now, as much as i love clothes from target, it was really hard for me to pick my favorite item.  i settled on this skirt as it was one that i lusted after for the longest time (probably after first seeing it on whitney!).  i'm pretty hard-headed, though, and waited until it finally dropped down to 70% off on clearance before buying it.  i'm also really in love with these bella flats.  i have them in this coral color, navy, and the non-cap toe version in a birchy/neutral.  i can't say enough good things about the quality of the leather and how comfortable they remain throughout the day... and the color, the color!

thanks so much for linking up with whitney and i this week.  it was fun for us to wear the same item and style it differently and have you guys participate along with us too.  we hope you enjoyed our link-up!

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