26 June 2013

june 26th {hey oh}

merona popover lace blouse   ·   mossimo slacks {thrifted target}
merona maye heels   {thrifted target}   ·   inpink necklace

i have felt so disconnected from my blog lately that i wanted to make it a point to actually write out a post on a weekday rather than waiting until friday to recap what i wore throughout the week.  these lulls hit me every so often, but i want to maintain this hobby of blogging as i still feel strongly about getting dressed intentionally and being inspired by others.  i think sometimes the problem can be that after you've worn a particular item a few times you run out of descriptive or emotional ways to talk about it.  and let's face it, i re-wear/re-mix/re-work (however you want to say it!) the pieces in my closet a lot.  other bloggers do such an awesome job at sharing snippets and vignettes about their lives, but i don't think i have quite honed or explored that type of voice for my blog.  so, i hope you'll forgive me if i literally just run out of things to say--at least i shouldn't have a problem of ever running out of things to wear--let's hope not, anyway!
i hope your week is going well!

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