27 June 2013

june 27th {easy stripes}

merona top, bottom, and shoes

i haven't worn this skirt in a while and was looking for something easy to pull on this morning, so instead of thinking too much about it i just threw on a coordinating navy oxford.  or maybe i didn't have time to really dream up a better outfit as i spent all last night reorganizing my closets.  i picked up this double closet rod from bed, bath, and beyond yesterday {what a compliment that one of the employees that i was purchasing it because i'm heading off to college... nope, i'm just a 30 year old with a small closet!} and hung it in my bedroom closet with all of my skirts on the lower rung {they were previously hanging out in the hall closet with my shoes}, and i think it will really help me to better see what skirts i have and pair them with the tops that are hanging right above them.  i really recommend this item if you have a small little closet like me--so far it hasn't fallen down, anyway, so it can definitely hold a lot of weight!  i might have to update my closet tours posts soon as i'm pretty happy with how my hall closet, which is quickly turning into the shoe closet, is looking these days!

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