29 June 2013

week in review {june 24-28}

{week 26}
june 24-28

i hope you all had a great week!  as i mentioned on thursday, i've been doing some major work this week reorganizing my closets but i'm one of those people who has a hard time getting rid of clothes... you know, it's mine!  i might want to wear it! why would i get rid of it?!  i almost feel a bit ashamed about the quantity of clothes i have decided to donate, most of it right back to the goodwill where i bought it. that might explain why i haven't been thrifting but maybe once this month.  yet at the same time i can look at my closet and feel like i really have nothing to wear.  i'm holding out some hope that someone reading this has experienced this same train of thought!  i've come to the conclusion that my closet is so small that i really need to start being sensible about what i try to cram into it.  hopefully i'll make more progress this weekend.

i've also finally made a decision about what reader i am going to use when google reader dies on monday.  despite the buzz around bloglovin, i've chosen feedly, particularly because it looks and feels almost exactly like google reader.  i like seeing entire articles (although you can change this option if you like quick previews) and being able to quickly scroll through posts and have them be "marked as read" as soon as i scroll by.  feedly makes commenting way easier than google reader, too, as there is an option to "preview" the post and comment within feedly, which i appreciate.  let's face it, when you follow hundreds of blogs clicking through to comment and then going back to the reader to continue reading posts takes effort.  plus, feedly has a free iphone app!  overall i find it simple, clean, and easy to use and i wanted to pass that along to anyone else who has waited until the last minute to choose another reader but isn't really feeling bloglovin.

happy weekend!

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  1. I cleaned out my closet last week too. I am still in the process of deciding on what to keep/donate. I struggle with the process too. I feel like the second I donate/sell something, I'll want it back!